Oven Use - and Pies!

Some of our customers come up with the best ideas for using BellaCopper™ Plates.

One of those is Oven use.

Oven Use -

It turns out our customers come up with the best ideas.

The Defroster Plate was an idea from a customer.

Some of our first customers over 20 years ago came up with using them in the oven for tiny RV ovens.

Well, after some experimentation we have determined that they work great in high end ovens as well. One of our BellaCopper partners keeps two 10 inch ones, side by side,in his oven always – and he swears by them – for all baking and even biscuits – it equalizes the heat in the oven and minimizes the effect of oven heat cycling.

Just place the copper on the oven rack, preheat the oven, put whatever you are baking in it's pan on the copper, and you are good to go!

Recently we received a couple of great new use suggestions from customers – Pie Baking and Pizza Stones – see below

Pie Baking-

Hi there: I am a baker and pies are my specialty. I came across your large, 10" copper plate about a year ago and it has truly revolutionized my baking. If you have spent any time trying to perfect a double crust pie you will know what I mean when I say bottom crusts are exceptionally tricky: bake it until dark golden brown (the preferred level of doneness) and the top crust is burned to a crisp. Similarly, if the top crust is done, the bottom remains soggy and undercooked. Most of us settle for the latter and call it a day. I have literally spent years trying any and all different techniques to get a crispy, flaky bottom crust (baking the pie in the lower third of the oven or on the oven floor, various forms of blind baking, sealing the bottom crust with things like egg wash or corn syrup, freezing my pies before baking, etc.). There are more "tricks" than I can possibly mention here and none of them produces a truely crisp and flaky, fully cooked, dark golden brown bottom crust with any degree of regularity.

Enter your 10" BellaCopper plate. It is the PERFECT size for baking a pie (pies are usually 9" or 10" in diameter) and it produces a sublime double crust pie every time! Just place the pie directly on top of the preheated BellaCopper plate and bake away! The plate concentrates the heat on the bottom while the top crust has time to bake and brown as usual. Note that most bakers will need to adjust the oven temperature(s) down and/or raise the level of the oven rack but a little experimentation is worth the end result.

It works wonderfully on the stove but if I didn't know better I'd say it was designed for baking pies. You really should consider this market niche. Bakers - - and I mean home bakers too - - are a passionate breed and will think very little of spending $85 for a perfect pie crust.

Thank you BellaCopper for such a wonderful and ingenious product!

Deborah B, Feb 2015

Pizza Stone -

Love your product! Diffuser / defroster AND pizza stone

My hubby finally bought one of these for me for the holidays this year.  I put it to good use as an impromptu pizza stone, and it was awesome.  Probably better than the Lodge pizza steel or ceramic stone I normally use.  It's a little small for this purpose, but was perfect for our 11 person-make-your-own-pizza party the other night.  We made twenty five pizzas (of varying sizes) and this copper diffuser/defroster rocked! 

It's better than the ceramic stone because any spillage of sauce or cheese cleans off.  The little bit of burnt pizza sauce actually shinned the thing up! 

One 10" was good, but two is better (at least for the quantity we make at times). Maybe two 10" and two 8"?  

One thing that is nice about your product, is that it heats up faster than the thicker lodge pan or ceramic/stoneware.

I hope you add this third (and important) use to your web site and sell more of these. 

Love it!!  

Deanna, Jan 2015

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