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Why you need this to cook better now

1. Makes good pans cook better.

2. Makes bad stoves good and good stoves better.

3. Great for all stoves, large or small, Professional grade, or everyday home stoves. It spreads the heat, prevents hotspots, and blocks heat from the sides of the pan.

4. Works with gas or electric stoves, glass & ceramic cooktops too.

5. Great for small stoves too (camping and RVs). It's easy to store, prevents hotspots, and the ability to use multiple pots & pans on one burner really increases the cooking options (It's a stove multiplier!)

6. It's the Copper. 70% better heat conduction than Aluminum, 5 times the heat conduction of Iron.

7. It's a Heat Diffuser - equalized heating & no hotspots in your pans.

8. It's a Stove Multiplier (a small French Flat) - allows 2 or more pans on one Heat Diffuser. Or use two Heat Diffusers side by side for griddles, or even more pans.

9. It's a Defroster Plate - defrost two chicken breasts, starting with a room temperature defroster plate, in 40 minutes. You can defrost wrapped or unwrapped. Unwrapped is faster, but wrapped or in a plastic bag is still very fast.

10. Use it as a cooling plate for warm pans and such - works great

11. Use a large Copper Heat Diffuser with a smaller pan to block the heat from the sides and handle of the pan - just the contact with the heat diffuser heats the pan thru the bottom, and the sides and handle stay cool. - Great for melting chocolate!

12. All BellaCopper Heat Diffusers and Defroster Plates feature rounded edges and corners (no sharp edges). All BellaCopper Heat Diffusers and Defroster Plates come shrink wrapped too, to preserve the bright and shiny finish right up until your first use when they will change color right away.

13. Use it in ovens as a heat spreader - no hot spot in the middle of the oven. (RV tip). Use it for perfect pies too.

14. It is a kitchen tool - not a gadget - there are no switches, no batteries, and no moving parts. It's just physics -

15. Pies! Use them in the oven for Pies! Also as a better pizza stone - use four 8 inch ones side by side for a 16 X 16 inch pizza stone.

16. Please note:

Always start your cooking with the copper heat diffuser with low to medium heat and allow the food to come up to temperature please do not go to high heat first then reduce the heat later.

There have been a few reports of a black scale forming on the heat diffuser, and the common thread in that these instances is that the users have always started with high heat. The best way to remove the scale seems to be with half a lemon and rock salt - coupled with some elbow grease. Or if all else fails use something like Comet cleanser that always works.

If you want to use High heat for searing or quick boiling we recommend just using your pots and pans without the heat diffuser and use your diffuser for slow to medium cooking. We do not recommend using them in heat settings higher than medium high.

Also remember they will change color with the first use It will go to red and green to eventually mud colored that's just what they do some people clean them I clean the tops of mine about once every six months.

  • Copper is Better.

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